Tuesday 31 March 2009

Tigmut'hep Tuesday...

Dear goodness I think I may have to pack my bags and take myself off to Yao-lin's freezing hovel on the Isle of Wight at this rate... Yes, I'm doomed! Doomed I say! What does that woman who says she's my Mum think she's doing to me, announcing the fact that she's forcing me to live with not just one ruddy Abyssinian female, but two!!! How can I cope, they're bossy you know and they like taking over all the nice warn sleeping spots I might like to try out... At least this new one is tiny, maybe I can just sit on her if she starts sleeping in places I feel like being?! Oh and there's the extra special food that woman keeps giving her, it's mighty tasty and getting my paws on some more leftovers wouldn't go amiss... She's also been a little more liberal with the cat treats of late... Ok I can see a few minor upsides to this situation after all! ;)

Then again there's those nice looking new planters that have appeared in my run, the cat grass that Daddy's growing for me in his new heated propergator and those nice new catnip plants too. Two varieties I have not tried as yet and I hear that the woman is going to be planting them along with my existing 3 varieties in the new planters, giving me more delectable catnip as well as more room for running around in out there... I hear she's planing to add a nice high shelf or sleeping platform and a ladder too, or might make us a huge scratcher and climbing frame this year! Ok, I guess she's my Mum but I reserve the right to grump, grumble and hiss at Setra all I like... What do you mean I do that to everykitty?! How dare you! I'm a cool dude and a total studly mancat I'll have you know and just in case you've all forgotten I'm D'Boss!!! Yep, all the food is mine, all the toys are too and you just have to know that all that catnip is mine all mine too! :)

Ok time for a nap now and don't you go waking me up now...

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Tigmut'hep Tuesday...

Well thank goodness for decent weather, I've got access to the run again and can get away from those noisy kittens and back to a bit of bird watching!

Oh what a wonderful time of year this is... The froggies are spawning and soon I will have a load of little suicidal froglets to play with. I mean talk about Darwinism and natural selection, any froglet that's dumb enough to break into a cat run is one that is not required to pass on it's genes! ;) I really am a dab paw at catching them when they do that, they're so entertaining too! :)

Better still Daddy tells me that we have mice in the compost heap, so I'm purring hard that some of them are daft in the head too and break into my run to come and play with me! :) Even if they don't they're great fun to watch scampering about in the garden looking for dropped bird seed to stuff their little mousey faces with...

Watch out Sir David Attenborough, I'm far better at quietly sneaking up on wildlife than you are and I'm happy to sit still for hours at a time, just waiting for the right beasty to come along and entertain me. Now come on Mummy, how about getting me some bunnies to look at?! I'd even go for some of those chickens that Ramses is so mad about, I mean they're at least entertaining! ;)

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tigmut'hep Tuesday...

Well what can I say, but I'm in love!!!! Oh yes and the object of my desire is mine, all mine! :) This is a wonderful feeling, so much so that I have forgotten to bash, bop or grump at anykitty around here for nearly a week now! ;)

What is this strange and some what miraculous change in your personality I hear you ask, it is all down to my new love Matatabi! Here are some interesting facts about it:

Matatabi is a deciduous, tree-like vine, native to the Asian continent and the Islands of Japan. A close relative of the Kiwi vine, it grows wild in the highlands. It bears small white flowers in summer and small fruits in summer. The entire plant has been used in traditional Japanese medicine, and some of its uses are quite curious.

Long ago the Japanese people discovered that the leaf of the Matatabi vine drives cats crazy. When put into toys, cats play with them excitedly, slobbering, writhing, and dancing about in a strange state of heightened alertness. The herb induced performance is called the Matatabi dance. The dance is similar, but more extreme, to that which occurs when cats are exposed to catnip. Research has established this peculiar feline reaction is caused by volatile oils found in the leaves. Matatabi is more than a source of fun, it is used as a health stimulant for sick cats. As an infusion or powder, it is used to speed the recovery of ailing felines.

All I know is it's mine, all mine and I love it! Better still Daddy says he can get seeds to grow this plant for me and since it is a vine it can probably be grown against the side of my cat run, so that I can sniff it's delectable leaves all the time. Then when it's leaves are about to drop I can help Mummy harvest them, dry them and she says she'll make a load of Matatabi stuffed toys then! So all being well I will be able to send sweet little Tama-Chan a Matatabi ravioli for KissMouse... :) Anyway, back to my Matatabi and all those "feel good feelings" :)