Friday 14 December 2007

Foto Friday!

Just look at how purrty I'z am in dis foto Mummy did of me... I'z all done up in bows for my sweety Bonnie in Cornwall! :) Oh how I'z love my Bonbons... She sends me yummy treats and I'z send her some back - we'z got so much in common... Such as eatin', sleepin' , using vast quantities of d'nip, treats, finding d'bestest sport for a nap and looking after our beautiful black furs! She is my purrfect ladycat! :)

She'z haded kittens when she was very young and they all live with her and her Mummy, so I'z guess I'z kinda got step-kittens... :) They'z all very well behaved (unlike the lunatic monkey cat Mummy boughted home to live with us this summer...) When I mention what a total nutter Isis is to Mummy she keeps tellin' me she'll grow out of it in time... I'z just not sure I'z wanna give her that much time some days! ;) But I'z guess it could be worserer and she'z could wanna play with me all the time like she does with paw Ramses... Oh well she's his little 'sis, so maybe he's used to this sort of thing from his littermates! ;) All of mine however were purrfectly behaved just like I am! :)

Friday 7 December 2007

My KissMouse List...

I'z been busy all week, trying to write my list for Santa Paws... It's very hard to remember all the things I'z want, specially when I'z had my nose in d'nip bag again! ;) But I fink I gotted most of it down on paper in the end... :)

Dear Santa Paws,

As you'z know I'z been the bestest of cats all year long. I'z resisted the urge to "thwap" Ramses for at least 2 or 3 seconds most days and have restrained myself from "bopping" Isis more than totally necessary (I'z mean it's not my fault that she's silly and needs a lot of "bopping" to set her straight!). I'z played nice with my boy and remembered not to ignore Mummy and Dad until feeding time - I'z now make at least 2 mins time for them a day between nappin' and feedin', so you can tell I'z made a real effort! :)

So since I'z been good I'z want the following:

More Logo men to put the bitey on
1 large bag of 'nip and a dark room
1 nip pillow filled with d'good stuff
Some toy mices as Isis gotted my last lot
More room on d'sofa, there seems to be less room for my bottom of late...
A bigger cat bed, for similar reasons
More regular access to my Boy's hockey kit bag - it smells better than 'nip in there!
Less grooming, I'z hate the brush
Less pawdicures, I'z got uses for my lovely long, sharp nails! ;)
More bigger dinners, more often! :)
More toy cars, for a similar reason to d'Lego
A large pile of cat treats - it's not fair that I can't have 'em cause of my FLUTD :(
Larger helpings of leftovers - Oh and did I mention d'sofa and cat bed are feelin' a bit small?