Monday 30 June 2008

Mancat and My Birthday Monday!

Oh what a wonderful Mancat Monday, my boy is back from Yao-lin's Island and it's full of toys and tasty treats for me because I'm 8 years old today! :) This morning I got a new mousie toy, the little mousie is attached to a purple ball and wobbles and moves when you bop it senseless! It's deeply satisfying to belt it silly... ;)

Following that I had some gormet cat food from Sweden for my breakfast and I heat I'm getting more of it for dinner too and this time it'll be Reindeer flavour! :) Oh how I've always wanted to nibble Roudolf and Mummy has finally sensed this and is enabeling me to live out my dreams... ;)

I hear I have some more toys to come after D'boy gets back from school and the Dr's (he's having a tetanus shot), I can smell them on the top shelf in the living room, but can't quite get to them so I'll have to wait for now... Though this mousie may well suffer greatly due to my frustration! ;)

Time now for a Birthday nap on the sofa in Mummy's office I think... Oh yer life is sweet one days like this! :)

Thursday 12 June 2008

Five Thankful Thursday...

It's a strange day today, but I have many things to be thankful for too... While my friend Tigs the Norwegian Forest cat who lives with Noodle Doodle, Isis sister, is at the vets really sick with a blocked of the urethra due to strutive crystals, my other friend Baby Mao is at home and under the bed hiding from Yao-lin while recovering from food poisoning and our very dear friend Storm spends her last hours with her wonderful Mummy and her loving brother Castle, I can still think of reasons for thanks! :)

Firstly I'm thankful that I have so many wonderful friends! :) Yes, it's sad when they are sick or dying, but I have had many lovely times because of them and have so many great memories - for these I am very thankful! :)

Secondly I'm so glad that Tigs Mummy noticed that he wasn't peeing and in pain yesterday afternoon, as he was fully blocked and only hours away from causing permanent kidney damage or even death! I'm thankful that his Mummy got cross at the receptionist and insisted she called the Vet in straight away instead of leaving him there until evening surgery hours. With a blockage like he had time is very much of the essence... I'm most thankful that she just phoned to tell Mummy that he's been catheterized and can now pee, so his kidneys are at least safe now and she'll keep us updated on his progress! I'm grateful and thankful too now to have FLUTD myself as I've been able to get Mummy to send her a list of all the tricks she used for making sure I drink enough and eat the Rx food etc that keeps me flowing freely! ;)

Thirdly I'm thankful that Baby Mao is home and getting better even if he has to do so hidden under the bed away from Yao-lin! I hope that silly boy has learnt his lesson about eating stuff Yao-lin dares him to eat... ;)

Fourthly I am thankful that Storm has been my friend and the friend of all here... She is a wonderful ladycat and has fought so very hard and beaten her cancer not once, but twice. She beat the odds too and lived nearly twice as long as they'd thought she would! It's just that her body is too old and tired from all her battling to go on and so she will spend the last few hours with her wonderful Mummy and lovely brother Castle, watching all the nature programs that she loves before crossing the bridge with a little help from her loyal Vet Ben tomorrow just after 1pm... I am thankful that she can cross the bridge in the same dignified manner that she has always shown, even in the face of adversity and disease. I am thankful that she will do so surrounded by love, both with her and by her side as well as from afar around the Blogsphere.

Lastly I'm thankful that she will have a ladycat meezer over the bridge to help guide her way, in the form of Mummy's own dear Barbie-Q, another battler like Stormie I am sure they will have many hours together rolling in the heavenly catnip fields...