Friday 14 December 2007

Foto Friday!

Just look at how purrty I'z am in dis foto Mummy did of me... I'z all done up in bows for my sweety Bonnie in Cornwall! :) Oh how I'z love my Bonbons... She sends me yummy treats and I'z send her some back - we'z got so much in common... Such as eatin', sleepin' , using vast quantities of d'nip, treats, finding d'bestest sport for a nap and looking after our beautiful black furs! She is my purrfect ladycat! :)

She'z haded kittens when she was very young and they all live with her and her Mummy, so I'z guess I'z kinda got step-kittens... :) They'z all very well behaved (unlike the lunatic monkey cat Mummy boughted home to live with us this summer...) When I mention what a total nutter Isis is to Mummy she keeps tellin' me she'll grow out of it in time... I'z just not sure I'z wanna give her that much time some days! ;) But I'z guess it could be worserer and she'z could wanna play with me all the time like she does with paw Ramses... Oh well she's his little 'sis, so maybe he's used to this sort of thing from his littermates! ;) All of mine however were purrfectly behaved just like I am! :)

Friday 7 December 2007

My KissMouse List...

I'z been busy all week, trying to write my list for Santa Paws... It's very hard to remember all the things I'z want, specially when I'z had my nose in d'nip bag again! ;) But I fink I gotted most of it down on paper in the end... :)

Dear Santa Paws,

As you'z know I'z been the bestest of cats all year long. I'z resisted the urge to "thwap" Ramses for at least 2 or 3 seconds most days and have restrained myself from "bopping" Isis more than totally necessary (I'z mean it's not my fault that she's silly and needs a lot of "bopping" to set her straight!). I'z played nice with my boy and remembered not to ignore Mummy and Dad until feeding time - I'z now make at least 2 mins time for them a day between nappin' and feedin', so you can tell I'z made a real effort! :)

So since I'z been good I'z want the following:

More Logo men to put the bitey on
1 large bag of 'nip and a dark room
1 nip pillow filled with d'good stuff
Some toy mices as Isis gotted my last lot
More room on d'sofa, there seems to be less room for my bottom of late...
A bigger cat bed, for similar reasons
More regular access to my Boy's hockey kit bag - it smells better than 'nip in there!
Less grooming, I'z hate the brush
Less pawdicures, I'z got uses for my lovely long, sharp nails! ;)
More bigger dinners, more often! :)
More toy cars, for a similar reason to d'Lego
A large pile of cat treats - it's not fair that I can't have 'em cause of my FLUTD :(
Larger helpings of leftovers - Oh and did I mention d'sofa and cat bed are feelin' a bit small?


Thursday 29 November 2007

Dat VET! :(

I'z gotted to go to d'VET's last night, so I could ride in the car on Dad's lap and save any embarrassing accidents in the PTU. It's only about 1 minute away in d'car, but I'z so hates PTU trips that I always pees and poops in it and then horror of horrors I'z has to have a bath! :(

Anyway I'z gotted to d'VET's with my dignity intact and because I'z a good housemate and furriend to Ramses, I'z opted to go first (and get it over and done with). Anyway d'VET wasn't our usual lady vet, but I letted him touch me... Dat was my first mistake, cause he had big hands and wasn't all careful like where he putted the poky! :( So I'z did what any Mancat would have done in my place and hissed at him... :) Well the silly fing jumped and acted like some silly scaredy sheep! ;) It was funny watching him freak out I'z must say, so when he gaved me my booster shots I yowled so loud I bet he peed himself... :)

So as an act of revenge he tolded Mummy that I should really loose .5Kg, honestly if you'd seen him you'd have tolded him he needed to loose a lot more than .5Kg himself and while he was at it his furs weren't looking in good condition, so maybe he needed to have a bath and some flea treatment before he was given a good long brushing! But just to be on the safe side I'z fink I'z should have been allowed to shove a thermometer up his #13 to make sure he wasn't gettin' sick! ;) It would have maded me feel better to have been able to do that, honest it would, cause not once did he bother to say how lovely I was... :( Just that I needed to loose a bit of weight and would probably need to have my teefs cleaned soon! I'z now feelin' most indignant!

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Eer, have I'z really slept for a week?!

It seems I'z really did over do d'nip the other week and have pretty much slept the last week away... I'z pretty impressed at my sleepin' skills and fink I might just be able to reach Olympic sleepin' levels in time for the 2012 Olympics if I keeps my trainin' up! ;)

Honest I'z didn't sleep through the whole of my boy's birthday, 'cause I'd have missed out on some yummy roasty dinner if I'z had! But I dided my bestest all the same...

Just to make up for this marathon sleep I'z had a little break for freedom when the post lady came with packages for Mummy this morning. I'z like to do this as it keeps Mummy busy and gives me a chance to get a fuss of the post lady too! Well she does always say how beautiful I'z am and what lovely furs I have and I so hate to disappoint my public! ;)

Monday 19 November 2007

Mancat Monday...

Ok, can everykitty be quiet today 'cause I'z feelin' a little delicate... Mummy says I'z sufferin' from a hangover, but she'z can't be right as I don't have d'energy to hang over anyfing! I'z just want the room to stop movin' and for everyone to keep nice and quiet... Oh ok Mummy, I'm supposed to remember to use my peas and fank ewes. So peas be quiet and I'd fank you not to look at the photo Mummy took of me and let Ramses post dismorning! I'z dat better Mummy?!

Oh my head... Maybe I shouldn't have nosedived into d'nip the way I did. Ok, maybe I should have stopped taking d'nip after de first 24 hrs, but it was just so good! I'z trainin' for a new world record you'z see... So far I can manage 48 hrs of straight 'nip usage, with much practice I'z fink I can manage a full week - but it'll take great dedication and I know I'm Mancat enough for d'job! Now if you'd all peas be quiet....

Thursday 15 November 2007

There can be only one...

Since I'z been asked about my name a few times I thought I'd better get round to 'xplaining where it comes from and all that interestin' stuff! :)

First of all when Mummy and Dad decided they wanted to spend their lives together Dad told Mummy he was allergic to cats! :( This was his only bad point I guess, so Mummy being catless at the time put up with the fact that she was going to have to lead a sad and catless life to be with Dad... So they loved in together and a year later they bought this house and moved here. Still Mummy was sad and catless, but she loved Dad so much that she suffered quietly. Then one cold wet night in late October a bedraggled tuxie turned up in the back garden looking very sorry for himself and cold. Mummy let him into the garage so he could get out of the rain and she and my boy helped dry him off with some old towels...

When Dad came home they showed him the tuxie and 'cause it was rainin' so hard Dad agreed to go get it some cat food from the shops. Mummy gave it a bowl of water and made it a warm, dry place to snuggle up for the night. Soon Dad came back with a tin of food and some bikky and it had a belly at least as it dried off. The people who'd had the house before Mummy and Dad had had a cat and so the garage door had a cat flap in it. So the mystery tuxie could get outside if he wanted to go, and get back in again if he wanted to stay...

He stayed and the next night it got really, really cold so before Dad came home from work Mummy let the tuxie in the house for some more food. Dad came home early and found Mummy, my boy and the tuxie all happy in the kitchen and suddenly he felt really sorry for him and said that the tuxie could stay in until bedtime as long as it didn't set off an allergic reaction or asthma attack in him... That evening Dad decided they better give the cat a name and so asked Mummy if he could call it Mut after the goddess as he didn't know the tuxie was a Mancat! ;) But the cat seemed to like the name and kept coming for food, and Mummy was just so happy to have a cat in her life again that she didn't mention it to him... :)

Soon Mummy decided they better get Mut a collar as they needed to know if someone owned him and if not let everyone know he was being looked after. Mummy wrote a little note and put it in an ID barrel giving their name and number and saying this cat kept coming over for food and spending the night with them. A few days later Mummy got the call she was dreading, Mut was called Al and was a much loved cat who's family had been silly enough to bring a puppy home and upset him with it! They thanked Mummy ever so much for making sure he was fed and safe and returned the collar she's bought him... When Dad came home he found both Mummy and my boy crying and was told that Mut was Al and had gone home to his family.

A few days passed and Mummy and my boy were very quiet and sad, Dad found he was sad too and since he'd not reacted to Al thought it might be possible to find another cat with similar furs and bring him home for my boy's 5th Birthday at the end of November. He asked Mummy what she thought and she was overjoyed! :) Soon they were looking for a rescue cat with nice short sleek furs...

They looked at a few cats and called around about a few more and then went to the RSPCA cat place near here and found me! I looked different from the other cats, I was big and black and regal looking. Not a huge one for fuss, but happy to be held... They asked about my history and found I'd been given to the RSPCA by my owner 'cause of my tendency to run away from home all the time! (Well I didn't likez them, so what did they expect from me?!) I was 14 months old and had been fixed and micro chipped already and most important of all my furs was lovely! :) Dad was sure my furs wouldn't affect him and he buried his face in my side to see what happened (he was packing asthma and allergy meds in his pocket just in case I hear!) Nothing happened and I just purred softly, so they asked if theyz could take me home - since no one wanted to risk taking a purrsistent runaway home, the RSPCA were really pleased to have found me someone who wanted to. So they sent Mummy, Dad and my boy off to get me a PTU and said I could go home with them straight away if they got one! :)

They came back with the new PTU pretty fast and even though I'z hates PTU's I got in happily and as soon as the paperwork was done I gotz to go in the scary metal monster and come here! :) Soon I had taken full ownership of the house and my boy too! :) Best yet Dad said to Mummy that he could only put up with one cat, so I needed to have a special name...

So'z Mummy put her thinking cap on big time... I'd been called Tigger by my original peoples, but it really didn't suite me a big black cat! So Mummy took the Tig for my beginning, and added the Mut the Goddess name Dad liked to it, and finally the 'Hep 'cause of what I did to my PTU when I came home... You see
Hapi (Hapy, Hap, Hep) is the God of the Nile. Mostly associated with the annual floods, the inundation and I'd certainly flooded my PTU good... ;)
So there you have the full reason behind my unique name Tigmut'hep! :) Sadly Dad was wrong and I wasn't an only cat for long... When I became ill and had to stay in Mummy adopted Ramses for me to play with and then she went all funny in d'head... Now we'z got Isis too and soonz we'll have her kittens as well! Maybe I should think about tryin' to run away again?! But first of all I'z needs a nap and a good dinner and then it'll be dark, so I'd better sleep on it 'till morning... Then after a good breakfast and a nap I'll think about it carefully 'till it's time for lunch and my afternoon nap... Err, ok I finks I'll stay here 'cause it'd take too much energy to runaway and I'z not sure if anyone'd rehome my boy with me! ;) Oh and then there's d'Legos and toy cars and my teddy bear collection to rehome... Anyone got a container lorry?! ;)

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Black cat meme

I’ve been tagged by Mickey for my first meme! :)

Here are the rules:

* Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog;

* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself;

* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs;

* Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random and/or Weird Facts About Me!

1. I love watching fireworks, but when we get ones at the front and back of the house I get upset and confused as I can't work out which ones to watch first!
2. I'm teddy bear mad
3. I loves My Boy most of all... :)
4. My Boy has loads of cool toys I can play with, like Lego and toy cars!
5. Lego is a vastly underrated cat toy, specially the little peoples that can be carried off in your mouth... ;)
6. I'z loves eating vishus deer, but have to pretty much live on Rx foods cause I don't produce some chemical in my body...
7. This lack of whatever it is causes me to have problems with my bladder and I therefore don't like drinking much, this in turn has caused me to suffer from FLUTD! :(

Since I don't knowz any other black cats here who'z not done it already I'll have to leave this as an open tag, play along if you like and link back to me so I can find more black furriends! :)

Monday 12 November 2007

Mancat Monday!

Thank you everykitty for visiting my own blog! :) I'm feelin' very special having a blog of my own and all... I just have to remember not to nap through the day as often as normal, or it won't get many posts added! ;)

It's not really my fault that I take the good things in life seriously, like the study of the underside of my own eyelids for a start! ;) Though I'm also keenly interested in the contents of my cat bowl, or one of the other cats bowls... I don't really mind if it's Ramses or Isis bowl, just as long as they've left me a little non Rx food for me to nibble on! ;)

Since we're having a party here this Saturday while Mummy, and Dad take My Boy out for the night, I'd better make sure there's a really good selection of food stuffs here, from stinky goodness to fresh meat and all things in between! Not forgetting the need for a large supply of d'nip! :) Oh and maybe Mummy can find me some honeysuckle wood to share with my furriends too, that stuff's premo for sure! :)

Saturday 10 November 2007

Teddy Bears and Fireworks...

It's hard being me... All week we've had fireworks going off around there and it's very upsetting to me! You see people keep setting them off at the back of us and at the front at the same time, leaving us surrounded by fireworks going bang and sparkle all around... How do they expect me to work out which ones to watch?! I can't keep running from the back windows to the front of the ones, it's exhausting me for a start and I usually wind up missing the fireworks anyway... :(

So I've taken to my boy's bed with the teddy bears only to find I'm being told off for cleaning them up for him! Apparently he doesn't think the teddy bears want to keep themselves nicely groomed... I mean how does he know what they want?! He's at school all day, neglecting them. It's me they snuggle with all day long and I just know they want a good grooming now and then - even if it does sometimes bring on premature ageing and even baldness in some cases...! The side effects aren't all that wonderful either, 'cause Mummy and Dad insist on giving me Femalt hairball remedy when I start coughing up multicoloured furballs... Maybe I should insist on my boy only having black or brown teddy bears in future?! ;)

Tuesday 16 October 2007

I won't be out done!

If Ramses can have one so can I and it'll be better than his by far! Now that everyone understands that I'm off for a lie down with the teddy bears and a large dose of some good 'nip - purely for therapeutic reasons of course... ;)