Thursday 23 October 2008

Winter is coming too early this year (I like it to arrive on December 20th and leave again Jan 3rd) and I'm feeling the cold. So to keep myself from freezing I decided to raid the dressing up box that the long suffering Yao-Lin sent to us earlier in the year!

First of all I looked at the Hawaiian outfit and decided a pink bikini top and a grass skirt really wasn't warm enough, let alone an outfit befitting my dignity. I think it's more an Isis thing... Next came the teddy bear hat, which I tried on for size. It's a little small, but does keep the ears nice and warm, plus it'd stay on well if I wanted to wear it outside - so I think I'll put my pawmark on that one! ;) Then came the deer stalker hat, with it's little holes for my ears to poke through. Surprisingly this also keeps them pretty warm and it's a far better fit (although I think Mummy should add some Velcro or elastic to the ear flaps so I can keep it on firmly when I want to venture out in the cold). Lastly I added the scarf to my ensemble, this not only gives it an extra layer of warmth, but I think it rather finishes off the look! :) Oh yes that one's my outfit for sure and has been suitably pawmarked as such. Purrsonally In think it's very fetching and it certainly helps keep a poor cold kitty warm at this time of year, which of course if most important!

The only other thing I now need is a hot teddy bear to cuddle with from SantaPaws! Something like a Beanie baby, but wheat filled so Mummy can warm it up for me in the microwave oven before putting me to bed with it. Oh yer something like that would be purrfect for a cat like me... :)