Monday, 12 November 2007

Mancat Monday!

Thank you everykitty for visiting my own blog! :) I'm feelin' very special having a blog of my own and all... I just have to remember not to nap through the day as often as normal, or it won't get many posts added! ;)

It's not really my fault that I take the good things in life seriously, like the study of the underside of my own eyelids for a start! ;) Though I'm also keenly interested in the contents of my cat bowl, or one of the other cats bowls... I don't really mind if it's Ramses or Isis bowl, just as long as they've left me a little non Rx food for me to nibble on! ;)

Since we're having a party here this Saturday while Mummy, and Dad take My Boy out for the night, I'd better make sure there's a really good selection of food stuffs here, from stinky goodness to fresh meat and all things in between! Not forgetting the need for a large supply of d'nip! :) Oh and maybe Mummy can find me some honeysuckle wood to share with my furriends too, that stuff's premo for sure! :)


Team Tabby said...

Tig, we haf lots in common, like studying insides of eyelids and checking our dishes several times per day. so glad to hear you're hafing a party and there's gonna be primo nip, too.

Moe & Mindy

Mickey said...

Oh boy!!! A party??? Woohoo!!!!
I can't wait.I like nip & tuna!!

Since you are fairly new, I thought I would tag you for a Meme. You don't have to play,but it's fun and a good way to learn about each other. You can find details on my Nov.13 blog.

THE ZOO said...

Hi Tig Nice to meet yoo.

Ramses said...

Tigs you didn't have to eat all the ham in order to make sure it was up to standard for the meezers on Saturday! Now we'll have to add 5kg ham to My Mummy's shopping list and hope she doesn't notice anything odd... ;)

Tigmut'hep said...

Oh more kitties visitin' me! :) Though Ramses doesn't count and I'z not listening to his moans about my ham testin' either! :P

At least you all now knowz the ham was good! :)